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Global Talent Acquisition is in partnership with Harrison Assessments Talent Management Solutions

As a reseller and partner of Harrison Assessments, we are able to provide tailored solutions for individuals and organizations to help them achieve their selection, development, and succession objectives.

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Harrison Assessments™ help organizations worldwide hire, develop, promote, and retain top talent. Harrison Assessments™ unique, fully customizable, job analysis and integrated assessment technologies ensure optimum job fit and predict job success.

The system effectively addresses selection, development, and succession needs to manage talent from front line to executive levels.

Our Services

Global Talent Acquisition – Executive Search

Permanent – Contingency

Global Talent Acquisition permanent contingency recruitment solution offers you a no hire, no fee service. With over thirty five years of combined industry experience, we have access to a global network of talent allowing us to identify the very best quickly.

Global Talent Acquisition will spend time understanding the needs of your business in order to gain a sound understanding of the role requirements. Whether you require a candidate with local experience, regional knowledge or international exposure, expat or a local candidate we can find you the perfect fit.

Quality over quantity As standard business practice Global Talent Acquisition pre-screen and interview a selected short list of suitable candidates according to our clients brief to ascertain if they have both the technical capability and cultural fit for your organization. We do not float in resumes i.e. mass mailshot without the candidates knowledge and consent, we also gain the candidates permission to allow GTA to represent them exclusively – differentiating us from our competitors.

Permanent – Retained

Global Talent Acquisition is renumerated /paid for the work we put in, not the end result we achieve; including headhunting and talent mapping, tapping into passive networks as well as searching through our active candidate database. The client will pay a percentage of the expected fee up front; normally one third [1/3] to commence our search, then another payment of one third [1/3] when the shortlist is produced; and then the final balance on success i.e. offer accepted by the candidate. The first payments are non-refundable should the client cancel the role. Global Talent Acquisition is given 100% commitment from the clients, working in collaboration with our clients to strengthen the relationship as the two parties work together to produce the outcome required.

Global Talent Acquisition will spend time gaining a detailed understanding of your requirement and agree with you the key search criteria. GTA will formulate a strategy, map the talent and approach suitable candidates. Working retained search gives us more time to source appropriate candidates which will ultimately mean a better quality result at the end of the process.

Integrity is one of our core values. We understand the need to work in a sensitive and confidential manner, respecting your company’s brand and maintaining its image.

Global Talent Acquisition has a 100% track record in completing all retained assignments.  Ask about our retained fees, we charge less than our contingent fees because of your commitment to us by paying an upfront retainer.

Individually Tailored Engagement Campaigns

Global Talent Acquisition Tailored Engagement Campaign is a cost-effective hiring solution. Working with several key clients and within various industries, selectors to identify additional capability.

This is normally retained search with a 50% upfront fee, the balance to be paid on an offer accepted by the candidate. Global Talent Acquisition will Identify and retain the very best talent for your business and can also incorporate Harrison Assessments – Award winning Talent Management Solution.

Outsourced HR Solutions

Our Human Resources Services cater to any business’s needs. Global Talent Acquisition specialise in giving your business the resources and support needed to leverage your strongest asset, your people!

Global Talent Acquisition can provide assistance with ad-hoc tasks, parental leave cover or part-time HR support. Our experience lies in providing HR services and knowledge to SMEs which are often out of reach and restricted to larger businesses.

Global Talent Acquisition HR Consultants are guided by current and best practice principles, underpinned by the latest technology solutions to ensure innovative and best fit solutions are applied. Our HR Consultants are also equipped with bundled HR Solutions to raise the HR maturity and ensure that businesses gain a competitive advantage through their human capital.

This is a high touch and personal service offering, involving on-site time and being imbedded within the business. Costing models can be by the hour, a retainer or bundled with GTA other service offerings.